More than 850 films and corporate videos

NC Communication has produced more than 850 films in the industrial and public institutions sectors. The entire audiovisual process is internalised: scénario, dialogue, filming, interviews, direction of actor, editing studio, sound studio, musical composition, voie over, translation, subtitle.

A reliable partner for high performance communication

Experts in communication, a tried and tested methodology, a team at the cutting edge of technology and a degree of creativity to fit the project all ensure top level video communication.

The creative side is a stakeholder in the project, with a strong link to the content aspect.

Whether for an educational film or a presentation or awareness-raising film, we respect the company spirit. From start to finish, yet always in close collaboration with our client, NC Movie sees to everything so as to offer the best possible result at reasonable prices and with reasonable deadlines.

Global approach (click here)

Global approach (click here)

  • Creation of the concept and the synopsis
  • Writing of the full scenario
  • Writing of voice-over comments
  • Audiovisual production
  • Film translation – Subtitling and voice-over services in all foreign languages

On the ground (click here)

On the ground (click here)

  • Filming
  • Production of interviews on Blue Key or classic frame
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Recording in web or data format
  • Authoring
  • Production of a Master

Specificities (click here)

Specificities (click here)

  • Composition of original music
  • Creation of a graphic identity
  • Compositing 
  • Motion design
  • 3D

Added value (click here)

Added value (click here)

  • Increased creativity
  • Aesthetic touch
  • Content management
  • Motion design
  • Speed of execution

NCCommunication video Spaque au quotidien 1

NCCommunication video Spaque au quotidien 1

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NCCommunication CHR Haute Senne Visite

NCCommunication video rapid recovery

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